Content of poor quality

This is one of the most straightforward aspects to manage. If your content is poor, Panda will notice and penalize you in the search results. Consumers should find value in your website and content.

Content that is duplicated or isn’t original

It won’t take long for Google to notice and penalize you if you copy material from one page of your site to another. If Google’s crawlers discover that you’re plagiarizing content from other websites and businesses, you’ll lose your credibility. Google does not want its visitors to have easy access to a site that lacks authority.

Ad material is heavy.

If your page is cluttered with advertisements, it isn’t performing its objective or being useful.

There are few or no links.

Both inbound and outbound links are affected. You want legitimate, high-ranking sites to connect to you, and you also want to link to trustworthy, high-ranking sites.

Keyword stuffing

Keyword stuffing, a technique used to increase the number of keywords as possible in your written content was a good method to get a high Google ranking. Keyword stuffing is no longer just bothersome for your site users; it’s also a big no-no for Google’s crawlers.

Inability to be trusted

It’s not difficult to identify a website that you wouldn’t trust. Spelling and grammatical problems, as well as a lack of contact information, give the impression that your site is untrustworthy, which is something you want to avoid.

Google Panda’s Operation

If you’ve lost traffic and dropped in Google’s ranks, you’ve been struck by the Panda update. However, an algorithm isn’t always to blame for these issues. You’re aware that a variety of causes could lead to lower ranks, such as competitors performing more effective SEO, a drop in interest, or even a different update. Moz created a flowchart that can assist you to figure out if you’ve been penalized as a result of Panda.

The Panda update detects a site that exhibits numerous of the above-mentioned triggers. When a site demonstrates to Google’s algorithm that it is of low quality, it is pushed down the SERPs. Panda is updated on a regular basis. The ranks of a site may go up or down as a result of these modifications, depending on Google’s latest regulations. As a site evolves, it may be able to recover from penalties and reclaim its position in the rankings.

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