Digital Marketing is not smooth, especially for amateurs. There are fascinating, most reliable SEO tools like Ahrefs, SEMRush that can help your digital marketing journey, but such tools are not budget-friendly if you are starting your course. So to help us, some developers built some SEO tools for free of cost. Regrettably, such SEO tools are so technical that it is almost impossible to understand their language, particularly for beginners. We have produced a summary of the Best SEO tools which are easier to understand and may be quite helpful for creating your Best SEO Strategy.

But, Are SEO Tools worth it?

Short Answer


Just imagine checking whether your website is responsive or not, which keywords can rank higher in SERP, or is your website having any crawling issues? Or HTML errors that can harm your SERP rank can be quite laborious to find if you are doing it all manually. So that’s why taking some help from Free SEO Tools will not do any harm.

So now, Our First SEO Tool is…

1. Answer The Public

AnswerThePublic is a free SEO tool that tells you about what people are searching for. For example, when you want to create a small faq section in your content and what to know some popular questions in that topic. That is where Answer The Public helps.

2. Neil Patel SEO Analyzer

Want to do a full SEO check of your website? Neil Patel SEO Analyzer got your back. It provides features like SEO Analysis, SEO Check, Site Speed check, SEO Audit Report, Backlink check, and more

3. Coschedule headline analyzer

Coschedule headline analyzer is a tool that analyzes your headline by your word balances. It sees if your headline has any common, uncommon, emotional, powerful words and categorizes those words in that order. It also tells whether your headline sounds positive or negative, and what is your headline word count and character count, and what type of your headline is.

4. Soovle

Soovle shows you the complete Google search recommendations for your main keywords. Keywords that appear in search recommendations are also long-tail keywords that can help you higher your rank in SERP. So using Soovle can be quite helpful for finding your LSI keywords. You can also find LSI Keywords for Amazon, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Bing, Answers, and Youtube.

5. SEOQuake

SeoQuake is a Free SEO Extension for Search Engine which provides detail about Website Organic Traffic, Google index, SEMRush Backlinks, SEMRush Subdomain Backlinks, Bing Index, Alexa Rank, Webarchive age, Facebook Likes, Whois Infomation, Web page Source and more.

6. LSIGraph

Know the best LSI keywords for your Niche using LSIGraph. It helps you know which LSI keywords can higher your SERP rank by showing it’s trend, volume, CPC, and Competition.


7. Google Analytics

A powerful SEO strategy is the main key for SEO marketing and to create a powerful SEO Strategy you need to know your audience better. And to understand your Audiences you have to ask yourself these Questions

  1. Where do my visitors come from?
  2. how much time do they spend on my website?
  3. How many new visitors I get every month?
  4. Which device do my visitors uses most?
  5. which website brings the most visitors to my site?
  6. which content does my visitor like the most?

It can be quite hard if you want to find all answers manually. It is where Google Analytics Helps. Not only it answers all those common questions but it also shows your website Engagement, Retention, Monetisation details, and more.

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